So, what is the deal with anyways? In truth, we are just big fans of games and music. Because of this, we wanted to create an informational site that can combine the best of both worlds. Hip hop and gaming have changed pop culture in big ways. Not only this, but they both have created their own empires in a short amount of time. It’s only natural to honor these staples of our world by giving them the credit they deserve, along with informative news articles and review content about the latest titles and releases. We consider ourselves part of the community and would love to hear from our fellow music and gaming fans.

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go We understand that game reviews can be hit or miss sometimes. It often seems like the author of a review has never even touched the game before. This is why we dedicate ourselves to writing thoroughly descriptive reviews of games that have been tested and played firsthand, so that each title will get the attention that it deserves. is led by a bunch of self-admitted gaming nerds, so the same shared passion for video games and consoles is always there when each review is created. We know that readers are serious about gaming, and we strive to reflect that in our content as well.

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follow url After seeing what our site has to offer, it is probably no secret that the creators of are big fans of music. The reason that we’ve decided to focus on the style of hip hop and all the related genres is that this musical style has been constantly innovative and exciting over the past few decades. Not only that, but hip hop has grown in popularity and success incredibly fast. Our album reviews and news updates about hip hop music on the site make every effort to honor the sounds and songs that have shaped our newer generations. We dedicated ourselves to offering thoughtful and detailed music reviews, free of unnecessary bashing or criticism.

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There are many parallels that can be drawn between hip hop music and gaming, but they revolve around the core objective that our site follows. is built on the idea of sharing the best and most popular releases with every reader who pays the site a visit. Through providing interesting information and the most important details, it is our hope that readers can cross over genres and styles in order to find exciting new games and music that they would not have considered before. This combination of content is the site’s way of providing diversity and intrigue through entertainment. Additionally, it is our hope to continue

source site adding equally great content in the future as we explore new releases from the gaming and hip hop communities. Thank you for visiting and continuing our journey with us!

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